Top Sports To Play For Losing Weight

Most people who really want to lose weight get bored by seemingly repetitive workouts. To dodge that boredom when attempting to control your weight try out a sport. Playing sport makes exercise ever-changing and unpredictable. It helps people develop faster reflexes as there is no way to know for certain what will happen next when playing a sport in comparison to when you are just doing lunges, weight-lifting, push-ups and crunches. There are certain sports to play that are best for losing weight purposes, because they get the heart racing faster and result in more calories being lost during a game.

Basketball is one such sport that’s loads of fun and helps trim your weight. Basketball requires players to run, move about, block and jump. The fast paced exercise during a basketball match can end up using up about seven hundred calories an hour.

Sliding around on some ice on skates for a vigorous game of ice hockey helps players lose those pounds. An hour of hockey can consume up to seven hundred and ten calories. Hockey also helps to improve balance, as players need to be able to hold their own on slippery ice wearing ice skates.

Tennis is also a great sport to play if you want to control your weight or bring your weight down. Playing tennis requires players to jump, run, aim and strike the tennis ball with their tennis racket. All the running, jumping and striking ends up eating up three hundred and twenty calories each hour of a tennis game.

One of the best ways and easiest way to lose weight is swimming. Nearly any person of any age can swim so long as they know how to. The butterfly swimming method can burn up to nine hundred and forty-nine calories after an hour. Eight hundred and sixty-three calories can be used for an hour of doing the freestyle or breast stroke swimming methods.

Running is another great sport for weight loss, but it is a little harder on joints in the body. If you are older in age you might want to try swimming instead for weight loss and exercise because it isn’t as high impact as running can be. If you can run a mile in six minutes you would be able to burn one thousand four hundred calories an hour. If you can run a mile in eight minutes that would be about one thousand one hundred and sixty-five calories that would be burned up in an hour.

Another excellent weight controlling sport is lacrosse. Lacrosse is a sport that incorporates running, aiming, passing and playing defensively against other Lacrosse players on the opposite team. This sport can help you out immensely in losing weight since just an hour playing lacrosse can burn six hundred and ninety calories.